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Rajeev Sinha
  Though entered as an experienced professional, I got started off as a fresher in such a big organization,
Sellcraft Softech Pvt Ltd. I was initially into one of the most phenomenal trainings on various technologies.

Getting done with the trainings I was looking forward for a lot of real life challenges and demanding problems for me to crack and enhance my skills with hands on. Satisfying my expectations I was assigned in to a project named Global Active Backlog for GE client which was on the JAVA/J2EE the technology, Thanks to Sellcraft.

Having all the new responsibilities I happily started off with my team of 7 members with varied skills and caliber. Being in the heterogeneous bunch I had a lot of tactful experiences where I learnt the best of me and also the worst of me that really helped me fine tune myself. In every new challenge and responsibility there was always the confidence put in me through my learning at Sellcraft that drove me forward. Though the work would not be very demanding always it definitely did not fail to show its critical poses with emphasized stress on certain parameters of my technical knowledge and my personal knowledge.

Enjoying the fun of learning and improvement, I made sure I delivered value to the project with my qualities and responsibilities like.
  Production support to GEMSIT users.
  I have been credited and praised with lot of client appreciation mails which I think are my achievements in the project that meant something quite productive for the welfare of the project during very important times.

And for all of this starting from providing me trainings, placing me in a good project , providing required boost to my career and many more I would thank Sellcraft and its management from bottom of my heart.
  - Rajeev Sinha
Kiran Deshmukh
  First of all, I would like to thank Sellcraft (eprosys) for giving me the opportunity/ a real break in the IT industry. It is only because of sellcraft and it’s people I could enter into the IT industry.

I really appreciate effort by Sellcraft (Eprosys) to give opportunities to students to work in good organizations. I personally find it very helpful and encouraging. I had a great association withSellcraft during my tenure.

I find Sellcraft as very discplined and well-mannerd organization. I wads really impressed by the way Silicus treat students (candidates) Two people I must mention. Upendra and Medha were very helpful and cooperative during my association with Sellcraft. Thanks Medha! Thanks Upendra! Thank you very much Sellcraft (Eprosys).
  - Kiran Deshmukh
Subrata Nandi
  The tenure of my association with Sellcraft Softech Pvt. Ltd. was very cooperative and rememberable in all possible ways. It helped me to grow in stature and every aspect of my career.Sellcraft Softech’s future vision and guidance for their employee helped me achieve the “Appreciation Certificate” from both the clients
GE Healthcare as well as Tata consultancy Services Ltd. for the year 2005-2006. Last but not least, I want to convey my gratitude to Mr. Shashikant and Mr. Dutta Ghule for theirsupport in many ways.
  - Subrata Nandi
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