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When you connect your computer or server to the internet, you are physically connecting your network to well over 50,000 unknown networks and all of their users. This poses a great risk to your network and information security. Installing antivirus is not sufficient, since it detects only viruses, but doesn't protect against hackers.

Without a firewall, important details such as bank account information, passwords, credit card numbers, documents and photos that you don't want to share with the world are all available to hackers having bad intentions and basic computer skills. Hackers can even turn your computer into a "zombie" so they can use it to attack other computers.

Having a firewall helps prevent the possibility of hackers, viruses, trojan horses worms and other malicious attacks from happening. Firewall software monitors all incoming network traffic. It allows in only the known and trusted connections. One can manually control access to all the ports available under the internet protocol. To prevent the attack from hackers, you can make your computer "invisible" on the internet with the help of firewall.
We can setup and configure firewalls, in base or completely custom configurations
Support for Linux firewall technologies such as iptables
We will support Linux firewall technologies such as iptables and pfsense.
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Firewall Shows System Status
  Please see this screenshot of status of the system displayed in Firewall.
Firewall Log
  This table show, which the IP address of the LAN user and the IP address of the website s/he has opened.
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