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Typically, in case of legacy systems or when functionality has changed beyond a point the current system can not function,re-engineering techniques are deployed. Often, inadequate documentation exists necessitating our experts to do reverse engineering to identify functionality and logic of the system. Once the functionality is identified and documented, the system can be rebuilt to confirm with the new requirements. The latest technology and designs are built to get higher throughput and performance.
Y2K Case Studies
Insurance company in US.
  Re engineering was done on an existing mainframe application to by loading database, extracting the business rules from programs, modify preprocessor code and check data validation. The black box testing done to assure the intended process results. Environment : S/390 version 5.1, Windows NT 4.0 / 2000, VS-COBOL II, rel 4.0, DB2 Personnel Edition 7.2, File-Aid, Revine 5.0
Leading health care organization
  Objective of the project was to convert the existing common membership system (CMS) from CSP to visual age. The currently existing CSP application was converted by IBM provided tool and the testing done through ITF (Interactive Test Facility). After the successful testing, the visual age code was generated in COBOL for MVS. The generated code was tested in MVS through Interactive test facility using QA Hiperstation. Environment : IBM 370, Pentium PC, OS/390 version 5.1, Windows NT 4.0 / 2000, VS-COBOL II, rel 4.0, CSP 3.3, Visual Age 4.5, CICS 5.3, DB2 6.0, CSP 3.3, Visual Age Gen. Developer 4.5, Xpeditor, QAHipersation
Y2K projects executed
  Sellcraft executed over hundred Year 2000 compliance projects for number of clients during years 1997 to year 2000. Total of 600 professionals were engaged to carry out the 1500 man years of work. The domains were Banking, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, Retail and many others.Most of the projects were done on mainframe technology and softwares typically were developed in Cobol, DB2, CICS, Vsam, Adabase, IDMS amongst many others. The techniques such as Fixed window, sliding window, and expansion were used. Sellcraft successfully carried out these projects assuring their safe and smooth transition into the new century for our clients.
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