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Recruitment Solutions
Sellcraft is preferred partner for organizations to outsource all their staffing needs. The sourcing is done for positions across board and for all the skill sets. Large number of candidates aspiring career move approach Sellcraft. Huge data base build through these applicants is unique, not available on any job portals, and is valuable in meeting customers vacant positions.
Sellcraft ramping
  Sellcraft services customer requests for large number of professionals to be deployed in a week’s time. Daily over 100 candidates are evaluated resulting into 30 to 40 suitable candidates offers to its clients. Sellcraft ramping can be relied for any project manning in time and with the requisite quality.
Lateral hiring
  Needs of highly skilled and senior resources is met through lateral hiring. Finding right fit at right time and at right price is a challenge that Sellcraft is well poised to take. Our Just-in-time recruitment strategies are effective in the talent search from the target companies.
Sellcraft top management positions hiring
  Being in the industry for over 20 years, Sellcraft has a vast network of professionals with personal rapport with them. Sellcraft offers the placement of CTO. CEO, Quality heads, Chief Architects, Delivery heads, Accounts managers and Project managers.
Sellcraft technology expertise
  Sellcraft has expertise in Technologies such as Mainframe, Microsoft, .net, Java, J2EE, Web development, Quality Assurance, ERP. Data base proficiency is in Oracle, SQL, DB2, ADABASE. Languages proficiency is in Visual Basic, PL/SQL, Cobol, PL/1 , C++. Operating systems proficiency is in UNIX. Linux, MVS, Sun Solaris etc.

(Shows breakup of number of consultants hired to date)
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Recruitment Process
  Our recruitment methodology:
  Sourcing is on-going process and not triggered necessarily by client request. Upon receipt of client request, suitable candidates is identified from the data base, his consent is taken for the specific position and he is referred to the client for final selection.

Sellcraft due to its brand image and reach to large number of organizations attracts large number of candidates wishing to move. Over 100 recruiters work at different location and constantly source the candidates.
  Suitability is established by matching the candidate’s experience on the projects with the skill sets required by the client. Last two employers feedback is checked to establish credentials of the candidate. The elimination is done if the requisite qualification and minimum relevant experience is not met with.
Pre screening interview
  This involves establishing whether candidate has real intent to move, is willing for relocation, whether has rational compensation expectations and possess basic personality qualities such as positive attitude, stability, maturity level and accountability. We provide client with the pre screening documents and findings along with the resume.
Client interview
  This is facilitated by Sellcraft and candidate is duly counseled to understand the job description.
Post offer
  Sellcraft follows up with the candidate till he/she joins. Most candidates do have multiple offers in hand and are often need the guidance to choose amongst them. Sellcraft being the third party and having experience of dealing with large number of organization can advise candidates with conviction.
Background verification
  Before referring the candidates to client, Sellcraft carries out following checks.
Qualification check.
Credit check and statutory checks.
Last three employer checks.
Personal checks like residence, documents like voters card, pan card etc.
Crime or Police check
Sales and accounts management process
  Accounts manager is allocated to client who acts as single point of contact and meets all customer expectations and holds all the required information about candidates, proposed and selected. This manager can be posted at client site if required. He co-ordinates sourcing process with the help of all team of recruiters working at various Sellcraft branches.
Client satisfaction issue
  Sellcraft owns considerable know how to meet its clients expectations regarding the quality standards, response time and process. This is all documented as part of ISO processes and customer satisfaction is monitored.
Response time
  The response time from proposing the candidate is 2 to 8 hours depending upon the type of the skill and seniority of the candidate. In case additional time is needed, the time line is discussed with clients and candidates referred within the accepted timeline.
Recruitment Process Flow Diagram
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