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Many people find Linux far easier to install, configure, and administer than proprietary operating systems. It is so reliable that once it is up, it requires almost no effort at all to maintain. Linux systems typically go 3-12 months without requiring any maintenance or even reboots!

Because of this ease-of-use, many small organizations find it cost-effective to hire us to do the initial configuration and the occasional maintenance of their Linux and Unix systems. This occasional maintenance usually is to change configurations, add services, or apply updates. Many clients opt to have us apply security patches as soon as they come out, for maximum security.
NFS Server (Network File System)
  The Network File System (NFS) allows machines to mount a disk partition on a remote machine, as if it were a local disk. It allows for fast, seamless sharing of files across a network.

This server shares your files, data or folders in the same network. If you configure NFS server on your machine, any user can read your file using remote access in the same network. You can share a project file with your colleagues using NFS. You can also control the access to the users to allow or deny editing.
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NIS Server (Network Information System)
  This is the Centralized Authentication Server. Using NIS server you can login from any computer in the same network. If you have 20 machines in the network, you configure NIS server on one machine (you can call that machine as NIS server). You can login remotely, using any computer added to your home directory. To maintain security, before logging in to your home directory, it asks your username and password. You should type your own username and password to enter in your own directories, through NIS server.
DNS (Domain Name System)
  The domain name system (DNS) is the way that internet domain names are located and translated into internet protocol addresses. A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember "handle" for an internet address.

The reason the domain name system is used is because web sites are actually located by their IP addresses. The domain name system (DNS) distributes the responsibility for assigning domain names and mapping them to IP networks by allowing an authoritative server for each domain to keep track of its own changes, avoiding the need for a central registrar to be continually consulted and updated.
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  Samba is an open-source software implementation of the SMB networking protocol used by windows computers. Samba allows other computer platforms, such as Mac OS X Unix, Linux, NT 4.0, Novel Netware to interact with windows computers on the same network. This includes sharing files and using shared devices such as printers connected to other computers within the local network.

Samba helps different types of computers work together as if they were all based on the same platform. This gives network administrators the freedom to choose multiple types of computers systems when setting up a network. SAMBA server share all your data on heterogeneous platform, such as WIN98, WIN95, NT 4.0/2000, WINXP, WIN2000 Server, Novel Netware, UNIX etc.
Proxy Server (Squid Server)
  By using a proxy server, an organization can improve the network performance and filter what users connected to the network can access. The squid is an internet proxy server that can be used within a network to distribute an internet connection to all the computers within the network. One central computer is connected to the internet and runs squid. It has the capabilities to log all user actions such as the URLs visited. This way, a proxy server improves internet access speeds from a network primarily by using a caching system.

The other main purpose of a proxy server is to filter what is allowed into the network. The proxy server can limit what web sites users on the network can access. Many organizations choose to block access to sites with objectionable material or the sites, on which employees waste time.
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Postfix (Mail Server)
  Postfix is a mail server. You can receive and send mails through postfix server. Postfix server is also called as MTA(Mail Transfer Agent). Which transfer your mails from one achine, one network to another.
Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP)
Diskless nodes saves cost of HDD.
No Need of installation and Configuration on Client.
Centralised Monitoring.
No need of fast speed client desktop ,all Resorces will be of Server Saves configuration Cast.
Easy to install and monitor saves time.
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LDAP Project
Worlds most secure directory Service.
Uses gretest encription.
Easy to moniter and administer.
Can connect Linux and windows client.
Centralized Server for Tally and Payroll
Centralised server in a Server Room
Easy to monitor
Regular backup without disturbing accounts Department.
24x7 battery Backup ,No chance of crash
Very Secured ,away from normal User.
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SVN Server
Authenticated Common User Space.
Track of all Login.
Track of all Changes.
Can Set Backup policy.
ISO Documentation.
Recruiter Tracker Sheet.
Software Development.
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