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Learning Management System (LMS)
  A Learning Management System (or LMS) enables the users to manage, access and track the learning content and performance. An LMS's objective is to simplify the administration of learning/training programs within an organization. For employees, it helps them to gauge and plan their learning progress, and to communicate and collaborate with their peers. For administrators, it helps them to target, deliver, track, analyze, and report on their employees’ learning "condition" within the organization. It directs the employees’ learning objective to match with the organization’s business goals. Thus, the employees can improve their knowledge and increase the productivity and performance.
Why you need LMS
  An LMS or learning management system is traditionally a software solution designed specifically for training departments to improve administration, automation, communication and centralization of information. These departments, whether for-profit training companies or corporate training departments have many of the same requirements.
Administration: The core reason is to manage and administer the learning function itself: classroom, enrollments, course catalog and instructors.
Facilitating learning: The second reason is to facilitate E-learning. LMSs can be used as a platform and a tool set to build and manage e-learning programs.
Enterprise-wide solution: No longer just a system for the learning department, now the LMS often used by organizations
Talent management: Fourth, there’s a new talent management trend coming, where LMS systems are used to aid succession planning, performance management systems, performance appraisals, establishing goals and employee assessments as well as learning and development plans. Key technology trends and features support these top reasons to buy.
Here are the names of some of the leading LMS
Saba Knowledge planet
Blackboard Pathlore
Sum total Isopia
Plateau IBM lotus
Docent WebCT
Geolearning Moodle
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